Emma Davies, Reading Champion, Stoke-on-Trent

It’s my fourth time of being a World Book Night Giver and I love it, it’s such a wonderful honour to give away books to people who, for whatever reason do not have access to books in their life, to some even library books are inaccessible to them.

I have two jobs; the first part of the week I am a Reading Champion and I drive a Little Library Van to early Years Settings and tell stories and promote the love of reading to children and families.

The second part of the week I am a Library Assistant at Bentilee Library, Bentilee is a low income area and there aren’t many opportunities in this area for its residents.

This is why being a world book night book giver is important to me because I can give books to those who really appreciate receiving something that is free and this will hopefully encourage them to read and furthermore, to pass on the book to others.

The Book I have chosen this year to give is Whispering Shadows by Jan-Phillip Sendker.