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This offer recognises that the development of digital services, skills and access underpins so much of a 21st century library service.  As such, it supports and enables the delivery of all of the Universal Offers.

This offer articulates what SCL sees as best practice.

As a baseline every public library service should provide:

  • Free internet access (for a minimum period of time)
  • Clear and accessible online information about library services
  • Staff trained to help customers access digital information

The steering group supporting this offer are also working to ensure wider development/access to elending, the development of digitised content available within libraries and a single digital presence for public libraries.


SCL publishes new report that looks at creating a Single Library Digital Presence to support Public Libraries in the future

Essential Digital Infrastructure for Public Libraries

Essential Digital Infrastructure – Appendices


Digital Leadership Skills

SCL’s latest research into digital leadership skills was funded by Arts Council England and undertaken by Shared Intelligence between April and July 2014. The aim was to identify significant digital developments relevant to library leadership and then identify digital leadership skills and competencies library leaders need, to operate in this changing landscape. Digital developments were identified through desk research, and a survey of all SCL members in England, Wales and NI, to which 110 SCL members responded with detailed comments.

A skills audit was carried out receiving responses from 75 SCL members and 128 individuals whom SCL members’ had identified as potential future leaders. The findings were tested in webinars and face-to-face discussions throughout the course of the study.

Full Press release: Digital Leadership Skills


Digital leadership research – Horizon Scaning Report July 2014

Digital leadership research – Overview Report July 2014

Digital Leadership Skills

Single Sign on Pilot in partnership with Jisc and LMS suppliers

The Society of Chief Librarians worked with library services, Jisc and LMS suppliers to pilot a single sign on to e-resources on library websites to improve customer experience and increase usage of e-resources provided by library services to their users.


The pilot services were:


· Tower Hamlets Library Service

· Doncaster Libraries

· Surrey Library Service

· Nottinghamshire Library Service

· Nottingham City Library Service

· Derbyshire Library Service

· Derby City Library Service

· Rutland Library Service

· Leicestershire Library Service

· Solihull Library Service

· Bournemouth Borough Council Library Service

· North Yorkshire Library Service

· Greater Manchester Libraries Consortium.

· Southampton City Libraries

· Essex Libraries

At present library users generally have to log in to different e-resources separately, which can make the user journey difficult and can hamper cross-referencing and use of multiple resources. The pilot explored the feasibility and benefits of allowing library users to access the catalogue, ebooks and other e-resources that the library service provides using a single library login.

The pilot commenced in Spring 2016 and was completed in 2018. More information about Single Sign on and the evaluation report can be found here.