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E-Learning Courses for Library Staff and Volunteers

The Society of Chief Librarians (SCL) is committed to ensuring that people who work in libraries have the tools needed to help library customers access life-critical digital resources.

This Learning platform was developed thanks to support and funding from Arts Council England. Supporting learning is at the core of the library ethos, and SCL wants to make sure that all who work in libraries are confident and competent in delivering this fundamental offer to our communities.

All of the e-learning courses are available free of charge to public library staff in England and our Six Steps Promise course is also available to public library staff in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Courses require an enrolment key (which is available from the person leading on SCL’s workforce development project within your library service) and are accessed via this web link

Summary of the courses available.

Digital Information Skills for Library Workforce

This development programme has been designed so that those people who work with customers on a daily basis will be able to fluently navigate and use national and local government information sites, demonstrate where these sites would be relevant for someone out of work, needing to claim benefits, wanting to open a business or start a career, or concerned about their health. They will also gain the knowledge and skills they need to set up and coordinate a local network of referral partners to meet the specific needs of customers and communities.

The course is organised in six modules:

  1. The Digital Divide and your role as a Public Library Digital Champion
  2. Understanding your customers’ needs
  3. Supporting access to on-line services
  4. Signposting and referral
  5. Delivering digital skills
  6. Universal Credit

Reading Well Books on Prescription

In this module you will find out how to run the Reading Well Books on Prescription scheme in your library. The module aims to support the development of public library champions for the scheme and establish quality standards for local delivery.

The course contains just one module, Books on Prescription, which was developed in partnership with The Reading Agency.

Children’s Library Workforce

Children are essential to the development of the public library service and ensuring that we support, motivate, challenge and inspire them is at the very heart of our role. We need all those working in libraries to deliver a high quality service to children as they grow and their needs change. We want to encourage staff to be innovative and ambitious and ensure they have the skills they need to make a difference to the lives of children. This course will help all staff to develop these skills.

The course is organised in 4 modules:

  1. An exciting and accessible environment
  2. Supporting reading for pleasure, literacy and learning
  3. Reading, literacy, digital and cultural experiences
  4. Supporting health and wellbeing

The course has been created by a partnership of ASCEL, The Reading Agency and the Youth Libraries Group and with case studies and contributions from across the public library network.

Six Steps Promise – helping people with sight loss

The Six Steps Promise module has been designed to help you to help to people who live with sight loss in enjoying their reading and their library service. The course is split into five short elements

  1. What is the Six Steps Promise?
  2. Why is this training important
  3. Helping people confidently
  4. Where can I get support
  5. Conclusion

You will learn about sight loss and how it occurs, as well as the importance of reading to people who need extra support and where to look for resources and support.

This course has been devised with the help of Helen Leech and her team in Surrey, Lottie Newmeir-Porter and John Vincent. The course is a partnership project of Share the Vision and SCL funded by the Arts Council.

Talking with Readers

Talking with Readers aims to build the skills and confidence of library staff to talk to visitors about reading and books. You will find lots of ideas to help you develop good conversational skills and enrich the experience your library offers to its customers.

There is a mix of online information and practical exercises to work through and the course is split into 3 sections:

  1. Starting Conversations
  2. Making Suggestions
  3. Creating Opportunities

The course is aimed at anyone working in a customer-facing role in a public library. We expect each section will take approx. 20 to 30mins to work through online with additional time needed to carry out practical tasks. We wouldn’t expect people to do the course all in one sitting and it has been designed so that people can dip in and out. There are some social media activities for those who have access but you can do the course without.

There is also a section with Line Manager Resources which we would recommend those managing staff who are going to carry out this training look at.

This course has been created for SCL by Opening The Book with funding from Arts Council England.


How to Access the Learning Modules

Access all the e-learning course via this web link

If you have already registered with Learning Pool you can login using your username and password.

If you haven’t yet registered you can create an account.

Once you have logged in you can use the ‘Find Learning’ tab to navigate to the course you’d like to do.

If this is the first time accessing a course you will be prompted to enter an enrolment key which you can obtain from the person leading on SCL’s workforce development project within your library service.

Once on the course page you can access the module you’d like to do by clicking on the relevant link.

If you have any difficulties logging in please contact the Learning Pool help desk on 0845 0744 114 or email:

A Pdf version of the course summary and how to access information is available to download here.