Key SCL Initiatives Highlighted in Report


SCL welcomes the progress made by the Leadership for Libraries Taskforce during its first six months. We are pleased that the Taskforce and Government recognise libraries as sources of inspiration, the “gateway to literature and learning” and the “centre of a practical support network for those in need”.  As a member of the Taskforce SCL welcomes the Government’s response to the Six Month Progress Report, in particular the Minister’s support for a new document setting out the Government’s and the Taskforce’s shared vision for public libraries in England. SCL will work closely with other Taskforce members to support the development of this document.
SCL is proud of the contribution that our work has made to the Six Month report, including:

Wifi investment and enablement: SCL has contributed, through the Universal Digital Offer, to the development and rollout of wifi to all libraries in England and, has supported the the BT and Barclays pilot to provide secure wifi and support to 100 libraries and community venues in key areas in the country.
SCL’s Digital Leadership Programme: SCL, with funding from Arts Council England, supported the development of the sector’s first Digital Leadership Programme which was so successful that it is now in its second phase. By the end of March, over 50 library leaders across England will have participated in the programme.
Unified Digital Presence: SCL appointed Bibliocommons to carry out research on a unified digital presence for public libraries. The report, which will be published in early December, will include a vision and key steps for this project. SCL is pleased that the Taskforce is fully behind this important initiative, which will vastly improve the library experience for customers.
E-lending: SCL has worked hard with partners, including the Publishers Association, to ensure that the e-lending pilots were a success, and is now working closely with Taskforce colleagues to make further progressto expand the range of e-lending activities on offer.
Access to Research: As a key delivery partner, SCL has worked with the Publishers Licensing Association to ensure that information about A2R is spread widely throughout the library network and response from users has been excellent. An evaluation report of the pilot will be published next month.
Universal Offers for Public Libraries: the Universal Offers developed by SCL, in partnership with The Reading Agency, continue to serve as a key framework which enables national partnerships and programmes to be brokered and developed which can be delivered by library services in response to local priorities and need.
—Learning Offer: SCL launched the new Learning Offer on 5 November, a strategic planning framework that allows public library services to plan, develop and promote their role and contribution to lifelong-learning. It complements and supports the existing SCL Universal Offers: Reading Offer, Information Offer, Health Offer and Digital Offer.
Ciara Eastell, SCL President, said: “SCL is delighted that the Six Month Progress report reflects how important the work of the Universal Offers are in helping library services to meet the needs of local communities. . The report shows how much work has gone into the Taskforce’s first six months and we will continue to support the Taskforce and its ambition for libraries.”