London Borough of Culture Brings Worlds of Possibilities

As the deadline looms for submissions to be the London Borough of Culture for the years 2019 and 2020 it is a perfect time to reflect on how rich and diverse our boroughs and communities are. The diversity within them also extends to the way that people access culture and public libraries are an important part of the day-to-day engagement that Londoners have with culture.

The launch of the London Borough of Culture couldn’t have come at a better time for the Society of Chief Librarians (SCL) as it launched its own offer around culture only a month ago. Key to this offer is that everyone has access to a quality and diverse cultural experience in their libraries. The opportunities within this have forged many new links and I would encourage bidding teams from all boroughs to think creatively about how they represent libraries in their bids.

For the last year London’s libraries have been leading an awareness campaign to raise awareness of the rich cultural offer in them. This campaign culminated with the first London Libraries Festival entitled ‘Worlds of Possibilities’, which was held from 11 to 14 October 2017. If anybody wants to get a flavour of some of the great things that already take place in libraries, then this short film is a good place to start:

We are delighted to be a partner organisation for the London Borough of Culture and wish all the bidding teams the best of luck.

Anthony Hopkins – President of the Association of London Chief Librarians (ALCL) and Executive Member of the Society of Chief Librarians (SCL)