By Lesley Williamson, Dudley Bookstart Coordinator

While talking about Bookstart, sharing stories and Libraries one mum told me how her sister’s little boy, approaching his third birthday, would not communicate. Speech and language therapy confirmed that he had the language but would only use the words he absolutely needed to get by

Mum and son were very isolated in a flat so she tried to get out to various groups but there was no improvement. He was getting very clingy so mum was very concerned about what his reaction would be to starting school.

It was suggested that they went along to Long lane Rattle and Rhyme sessions. In her words, it was life changing.  He gradually joined in singing the rhymes and became more confident even to the point where on leaving the library he used to stop in the street and repeat a rhyme they had just sung. From there both mum and son felt more confident meeting other families and joined in other activities such as swimming. Now the little boy’s communication and language have blossomed and his mum is forever grateful for library Rattle and Rhyme sessions.