We welcome the findings in Tinder Foundation’s Library Digital Inclusion Fund evaluation. Libraries and library staff provide essential, free digital skills and services to people every day—especially in communities that are most in need. Tinder Foundation’s work across the UK Online network, most of which is based in libraries, is invaluable, and we are proud to partner with Tinder Foundation on tackling digital exclusion.

The sixteen library services that participated in the Digital Inclusion Fund have demonstrated that, when faced with a pressing community need such as a lack of digital skills, public libraries innovate and react quickly to provide support. This work builds on SCL’s award winning Digital Skills Training Programme which improved the digital skills and confidence of 80% of the public library workforce, nearly 14,000 front line staff.

We look forward to supporting more digital skills and inclusion work with Tinder Foundation and our partners, including the Libraries Taskforce and CILIP, to ensure that our most vulnerable communities have all the resources they need to be fully-participating digital citizens.