Invitation to Tender
Title: Research to explore and define family learning in libraries

Deadline for receipt of tender proposals: 28thNovember 2016 @ 5pm

Libraries occupy a unique place within communities for informal learning; they are accessible community venues open to everyone.SCLrecognisesthat the role that public libraries play in supporting the learning of peopleof all ages is pivotal and lies at the core of what libraries should offer. Librariesalready reach many different groups for learning – from young children to older people, and library staffunderstand that different groups should be engaged with in different ways.

This research is required to define the concept of family learning and how it is different from other types of learning. As part of this it will also be important to define ‘family’ in order to support public libraries to target and market their family learning opportunities. In addition it will be important to map the current landscape of learning opportunities in libraries and of family learning within that. Finally, consultancy support and recommendations will be needed to help shape a clear and simple offer that can be shared with library services through a series of roadshows due to take place in 2017-18 to promote family learning opportunities in libraries.

Here is a link to the full document itt_family_learning_research_final-v2