Calling all members! Give us your views on our future work

It’s been all go on the steering group for organisational change since we received the news of our funding award from Arts Council England at the end of June. Our offer was based on the satisfactory completion of a four-year business plan; the first time we’ve ever attempted to plan that far in advance. So most of our time has been spent on developing this plan because it’s the key to unlocking the funding.

As part of this process, we’ve:

  • Met with Arts Council England to make sure we’re clear on what they need us to cover in the plan
  • Taken legal advice on how best to manage the transition from a private company to a charity
  • Consulted with a human resources adviser to make sure we have robust policies and processes in place given that this is the first time we’ll actually have paid employees on board
  • Worked with the Universal Offer leads to explore their future priorities as a basis for our upcoming activity.

We presented an early draft of the business plan for discussion at SCL Executive Committee in mid-September and now it’s your turn! We’ve just sent to the plan to all SCL members and we need member’s thoughts and comments by the end of November to make sure that we meet the needs and aspirations of all our members. The final business plan is due to be submitted at the end of January.

We are committed to consulting our members about all aspects of our sector support activities to ensure that SCL remains an organisation supported by the public library sector, for the public library sector. So rest assured that member’s opportunity to influence our future direction and activities will not stop at the end of November. We will continually need your ideas and support over the next four years in order to make our new role as a Sector Support Organisation a success.

I’m really excited about the future for SCL as a sector support organisation building on the strength of the SCL network and the exceptional work being achieved through the Universal Offers framework and delivered locally on the ground by library services.

Neil MacInnes, President SCL