September 2016

Suffolk Libraries “Shelf Help” Video

Suffolk Libraries wanted to create a fun and engaging way to reach young people on social media, and offer crucial

February 2016

January 2016

SCL has teamed up with Halifax to help improve digital skills, as part of the SCL Universal Digital Offer. Over 2,000

Manchester Libraries Animation Workshops

We love Manchester Libraries' animation workshop videos.

October 2015

Preview: Lightbulb Moments, Learning in Public Libraries

Sneak peek of Lightbulb Moments, our new film exploring how people learn in libraries. The full film will be out

August 2015

April 2015

SCL Working with Gransnet

The Society of Chief Librarians are pleased to be working with Gransnet SCL and Gransnet recently collaborated on a digital

March 2015

SCL Digital Leadership Pilot: User Experiences

The pilot stage of SCL’s digital leadership programme ended in March 2015. The programme, funded by Arts Council England, was

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