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Children’s Promise


Children and Young People’s Promise in Public Libraries

The Children’s Promise sets out the experience children and young people should have through public library services.


  • Every child and young person visiting a public library is inspired by an exciting accessible environment which makes reading for pleasure irresistible.
  • They have the opportunity to engage with imaginative digital opportunities through public libraries, building their skills, knowledge and creativity.
  • They will find a range of inclusive and diverse fiction and non-fiction books and other information resources to support growing confidence in literacy and formal and informal learning.
  • They are able to take part in a wide range of literacy and cultural experiences including reading and book-based activities.
  • They are actively involved in decisions about service developments and are offered opportunities to volunteer.
  • They are supported through library services and activities to improve their health and wellbeing.

Children’s Library Journeys

Public Libraries welcome children from the very earliest months of life, helping parents and carers to support them as they grow and learn. Working with schools, school library services and school librarians, local and national partners, libraries provide a range of activities, programmes and initiatives which introduce, extend and refresh the library experience to children and support automatic library membership programmes. ASCEL have drawn these together into a single ‘library journey’ that every child can enjoy– all focused on the best outcomes for the child.

Full Children’s Promise is available to download here.

Visit the ASCEL website to find out more about them.