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Library Innovators Network

Alison Wheeler presents Cracking the Code

Welcome to the Library Innovators Network – a community of professionals that works together to share and develop ideas to ensure libraries continue to remain an important part of UK communities. The Library Innovators Network was started in April 2016 to provide a space for public library staff to connect with their peers across the country.

The network is supported by the Society of Chief Librarians and designed to be a community of practice, meaning our purpose and the topics we discuss are driven by the members who make up our community. As a community of practice our strength lies in our members and the information we are willing to share. The community is curated by Shared Intelligence; the topics, conversations and many of the resources provided are a reflection of the various members who share and contribute their thinking.

This is a national network, and is open to all public library staff in the UK. There is currently no fee for joining. Most of our work is done virtually at this point in time, utilising a web-based network to share and capture ideas and communicate on a day-to-day basis. There are also regular telephone calls with guest contributors to help develop knowledge and once a year we meet in person to discuss work, learn and develop new ideas together. As the network expands we encourage members to meet with groups of peers at the regional level to share ideas and work on challenges together to improve programming.

If you would like to join the innovation network or would like more information on it, please contact